The Relation of Human Error with Cyber Security Threats

In the recent times, not just the country but the world has witnessed some major Cyber attacks having adverse effects on businesses, banks etc. causing major unrest and what is a much bigger concern is that majority of them were the results of human error. In such times the common tendency that we are just Read more about The Relation of Human Error with Cyber Security Threats[…]

How to Remove Pandora Subscription

You can cancel Pandora more easily through Pandora‚Äôs own application and on Pandora official website too.  In case you are an already member of Pandora subscription, make sure to cancel your membership from Pandora first before removing your account from Pandora. If you are not able to cancel your membership of Pandora, your subscription still Read more about How to Remove Pandora Subscription[…]

How to Get Famous on TikTok

TikTok is amongst the most popular applications nowadays; the users can make videos on jokes, movies songs, dialogues to entertain their friends and relatives. These TikTok videos can be posted on many social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. The new updated version of TikTok comes with a new feature like you can add many Read more about How to Get Famous on TikTok[…]