How to Delete Browsing History in watchOS 5?

With watchOS 5, even better user experiences are delivered with interactive notifications, audio controls, access to the Siri watch face, and many more. You are going to find a surplus of new positive changes to the Workout app, along with many other improvements and refinements to a range of watch faces, UI elements, and also the other areas. The succession of Apple Watch has been a very prolonged and delibersate process, but complete iPhone independence is unavoidable; the watchOS 5 is the latest step taken towards that direction.

Delete Browsing History in watchOS 5

Using watchOS 5 can help you in building apps to bring users sensible and timely information and giving them an easy way to complete quick actions no matter where they are.

Apple Watch running watchOS 5 comes with a variety of Web-Kit that has currently been restricted to only Mail and Messages. Consequently, the Internet can be accessed in a limited form to perform some quick browsing. Once in a while, you might need to delete the website data in your watchOS 5 to make sure that you continue to have the smooth sailing browsing experience. The removal of the website data may also be beneficial in keeping the Apple Watch neat and uncluttered.

Before you begin, you should remember that it will remove all the cookies, browsing history and the saved passwords. So, move ahead keeping this essential thing in your mind and follow the simple process given below:

  1. Go to the Settings application on your Apple Watch.
  2. Click on the General option.
  3. Click on the Website Data option.
  4. Then click on the Clear Website Data option.
  5. And finally, click on the Clear Data option.

That’s it. Doing so will clear all the website data present in your watchOS 5.

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