How to Fix FaceTime Activation Error on iPhone

FaceTime is a free and popular video chatting app on Apple devices. It is quite similar to Window’s Skype and Google’s Hangouts. The app runs on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac desktops and laptops too. An audio only version of FaceTime, known as FaceTime Audio, is also available for making voice calls in devices that do not possess a front-facing camera. While the app is free to use, it is imperative that you possess a high speed internet connection and an active Apple ID to avail the videotelephony services over FaceTime. Ideally, a working 4G connection is the minimum requirement to run FaceTime but some versions support 3G speeds as well.

How to Fix FaceTime Activation Error on iPhone

You may face some issues while setting up your FaceTime app. The following are some common solutions to the “Waiting for Activation” error message on iMessage.

“Waiting for Activation” Error – Some Prerequisites

Before you begin fixing the error, there is some background information that you need to know. They are:

  • Ensure that you have listed your contact number on your iPhone’s Phone app. Check if your number is visible under “My Number” on the Contacts screen. If not, head to your Settings > Phone > My Number and key in your contact.
  • Make sure that your phone displays the correct Date & Time. You may turn on fixing the date and time automatically to select an appropriate Time Zone.
  • Check if you have a working internet connection. Whether you have internet access over Wi-Fi or through cellular network, make sure that the internet connection is active.
  • In some cases, iMessage activation may take up as much as 24 hours. Thus wait for the stipulated duration to pass and then contact your network carrier.
  • Check if your phone can send out an outgoing text, which is necessary for activating iMessage. For non-US residents, it may even be an international text message.

Method 1: Test Your Internet Connection

FaceTime and iMessage requires a working high speed internet connection to operate. Thus, make sure that your connection is working without any lags.

Head over to your Phone Settings and select Wi-Fi/Cellular option. Toggle the switch off and restart your device to turn on Wi-Fi/Cellular option. If rebooting the phone does not work, try resetting all the network settings. Revert these settings to factory settings and test out the network.

Method 2: Contact Your Network Carrier

Check with your Network Carrier to know if they support iMessage. Contact your network carrier and enquire about any restrictions imposed on iMessage. Check if there are any filters or blocks on the services. If your network carrier is unable to assist you, you may have to change your service provider.

Method 3: Remove Restrictions

Check if FaceTime is blocked under your phone’s restrictions. Go to your phone Settings, then General settings, and choose the Restrictions option. Tap on the button to disable restrictions. If you are unable to disable all restrictions then toggle the switch next to FaceTime to turn it On in the phone’s list of Allowed Apps.

Method 4: Sign out and Sign into your Apple ID

Open your FaceTime app and sign out of your Apple ID. Restart the FaceTime app and enter the login credentials of your Apple ID to sign in again. This is a fairly popular trick to fix any FaceTime activation issue. However, this fix may backfire in certain conditions as you may be unable to log into your Apple ID again.

Method 5: Perform a Hard Reboot

Hold down the power and home button for a few seconds until your iPhone’s screen turns blank. Your iPhone will restart in its usual manner. This could fix any connectivity issues related to your network carrier or Wi-Fi problems.

If none of the solutions are capable of fixing the FaceTime activation issue, then backup your data and perform a restore on your iPhone. Once your iPhone has restarted, then restore all your data from your iTunes or iCloud. We hope that this will help in overcoming the FaceTime activation problems on your iPhone.

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